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The company "Armoran" Ltd was established in 2012. and started with work immediately after its founding as a small local company. Very soon the company "Armoran" Ltd positions itself in Europe and takes the general representatives of famous European brands:

1. Hallyard hunting wardrobe line
2. Bernardelli company, the renowned manufacturer of hunting and sporting shotguns
3. Tactical Training Team, a security/military training and consulting company
4. Zastava Arms, producer of military, sporting and hunting weapons

The company is headquartered in Zurich, in the center of Europe and in the heart of the Switzerland economic engine. The location is chosen carefully, because Zurich has a long tradition in the field of trade. Today, the company "Armoran" Ltd have international character and it is one of the leaders in the sale of weapons, hunting clothes as well as mediatior in organizing tactical trainings through various tactical courses.

The slogan of "Armoran" is: "Nothing is impossible."

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